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    Awhile back I found the web app Listingly which is a dark themed app that acts as a to-do list for anything you want (ex. travel list, shopping list, etc.) Is there a app store app like this? if so, i can't seem to find it. Having a travel checklist is very handy so I don't forget to bring anything when I travel. However, one needs the ability to 'uncheck all' for it to be really useful. Listingly didn't have that, but an old app i had for my Pocket PC (called Superlist) did.
    2009-02-22 05:21 PM
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    This is a screenshot of Listingly so you have an idea on what i'm talking about...
    Attached Thumbnails Dark themed to-do list? (specifically as a checklist)-img_0039.jpg  
    2009-02-22 07:13 PM
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    2009-02-23 09:24 PM
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    does anyone want to make something like this?
    2009-06-05 10:10 PM
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    2009-08-02 07:02 PM