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    I'm on AT&T and I updated to 0.3.3 and now I cannot receive messages from other carriers. I have seen several other people having the same issue on the Swirly Blog. Would it be possible to load the 0.3.2 version on the modmyi repo or something so AT&T people have access to what used to be a full working version? Thanks in advance.
    2008-03-05 09:24 PM
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    This wasnt hosted on the MMI repo, it was only hosted by swirly on their server. It will be coming out on STE but I bet it will only be the 0.3.3 version. Doubt youd be able to get the 0.3.2 version, they probably know about this issue already and are trying to work it out. As they said this is a very rough copy and is still in beta testing stages. They still need time before they can even release version 1.0

    WHat settings do you have?
    MMSC: http//mmsc.cingular.com

    is what seems to work fine for me. If those arent your settings try giving those a go and see if it works.
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    2008-03-06 08:47 AM
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    SwirlyMMS v0.32:


    v0.34 is out though, so maybe give that a go first:

    2008-03-06 10:26 AM