1. floepie's Avatar
    I'd like to be able to have two remote controls - one on an iphone and one on the touch - to control one PC's iTunes. Anyone know if iTunes can accept two remote controls for it?
    2009-02-23 04:01 PM
  2. ltjbigshot's Avatar
    no, when you sync your remote to itunes it uses the pin code from the most recently synced app.
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    2009-02-23 08:04 PM
  3. Eurisko's Avatar
    If you use two different remote control apps on each device then yes. If you want to use "Remote" (or the same program) on both devices, then no.
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    2009-02-23 08:11 PM
  4. floepie's Avatar
    OK, thanks. Are you absolutely sure? A quick Google search revealed at least one who is using two devices to control the same iTunes with no problem. The reason I'm asking is b/c I haven't yet picked up the second device, and I won't bother if it won't work.
    2009-02-23 08:11 PM
  5. Eurisko's Avatar
    Since I don't have two units to try, I can't say absolutely. Look at it this way, you use Remote on the iPhone to connect to iTunes and the PIN is cached on both programs. Now you use Remote on the iPod and it tries to connect to iTunes, the cached information will not match, so iTunes would simply create a new PIN. Unless Remote accounts for being used on several devices, I don't see it working. Have you tried this yet?
    Get "iPod & iTunes for Dummies", it'll change your life.
    2009-02-23 08:21 PM
  6. floepie's Avatar
    Yeah, my gut tell me this won't work, and no, I haven't tried this yet, as getting this to work depends on whether I'm going to pick up a touch or not. Thanks....
    2009-02-23 08:26 PM
  7. gothi's Avatar
    I can confirm that iTunes can accept two remotes running on different devices and will update both remotes at the same time. For example I loaded Remote on my GF's iPhone and started a song playing, I then loaded Remote on my iPhone and the display immediately changed to the currently playing song. Pressing Pause on my Remote paused the song and also updated both Remotes to show the song as being paused. I was then able to unpause the song using the other Remote.
    2009-02-23 11:55 PM
  8. JazJon's Avatar
    Why are people saying no? It works fine for me. My roommate and I both have an iphone to control the one itunes library in the house. (airport express repeats audio to livingroom etc)

    iPhone (with remote app)
    iPhone (with remote app)
    itunes (one library)

    They work at the SAMe time even
    2009-02-24 12:11 AM
  9. floepie's Avatar
    OK thanks. I don't know why people just go out on a limb and just "guess" that it won't work.
    2009-02-24 03:20 AM
  10. Amraam's Avatar
    I don't understand why you want to spend hundreds of dollars on an iPod Touch just to have a second remote control for iTunes?
    2009-02-24 01:31 PM
  11. floepie's Avatar
    Not hundreds. Further, ask that to the thousands who have the Logitech Duet and never use them after having found the 'remote' app.
    2009-02-24 02:45 PM
  12. tomtom's Avatar
    i've got two iPhones and one mac with iTunes and it is running perfectly
    iPhone 4 16GB 4.2.1 / iPhone 3GS 32GB 4.0.1 / iPhone 3G 8GB 3.1.3 / iPhone 2G 16GB 1.1.4

    MacBook Air 11'6" / Hackintosh i7 Snow Leopard
    2009-02-26 09:50 AM