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    Hi, I got a 1st generation Iphone and was wondering if the video-out function of the dtunes will still work if I were to have the composite AV cable. Or the video-out feature is only for the 3g Iphone? Would like to know before I go out and purchase a useless $50 dollar cable. Thanks!

    EDITED: Found a cheaper cable at DealExtreme but the list of reviews of the product is saying that is doesn't work with the Iphone? I don't know if they have dtunes installed and its not working or if they do not have it installed and its still not working. Does anyone here have this cable and can give me some input on this? Here is the link DealExtreme: $2.98 Retractable Composite AV Cable for iPod
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    2009-02-24 04:57 PM
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    The Apple cable works fine on an iPhone 1st gen.

    Although, for some reason I can't plug the cable into a base and then plug my iPhone into the base. The only way it works is if the cable goes straight into the iPhone - not a big problem though.

    I have no idea about the other one.
    2009-02-25 10:52 AM