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    Yesterday i was using xGPS and had no sound at all which i thought was odd because the rpevious time I used the app I did, albeit very soft. I remembered a "trick" Ive used with certain games that will still play sound even when the iPhone is on silent/vibrate. Id go into the iPod and move its volume slider all the way off (to the left) and it would make game playing totally silent as well.

    So, I checked where the iPod volume was set and sure enough it was all teh way off. i slid that slider to the center where it normally sits and the sound in xGPS came back but very soft. I then slid the slider to full volume and tried again. It was much more audible. I was able to hear the voice over the droan i get driving at highway speeds in my 21 year old M5. Its got some window seals that need to be replaced so there is a bit of wooshing and its also missing a lot of the sound deadening padding under the carpet due to old water leaks, now fixed.

    The volume is still softer than Id like but its so much better this way.
    2009-03-12 09:33 PM