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    Hey, I'm new to this forum and fairly new to the iPhone - I bought a secondhand 2G 8gb iPhone last week and its great :-)

    Its been jailbroken and was running Cydia when i got it....

    This morning i downloaded a few ring tones from Cydia and a couple of apps from the iTunes store... afterwards I noticed i couldnt get into the phone part - it would load but then crash straight away.

    I could make phone calls through contacts or another dialer but no hang up.

    I had no clue what the problem was but when I went into settings I found there was something called ripdev - when i went into the settings it was asking for an authorisation code or to request a trial. I requested this and straight away its allowed me back into the phone feature

    I only have a trial until March 16th - so I'd ideally not want to pay for this (as i dont really know what I'm getting) so could anyone advise on how to uninstall or remove this??

    Thanks in advance


    PS. I think I've sorted it!! Thanks anyway
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    good to hear you sorted it... repdev = major iPhone problems. I would not use any of their apps.
    Welcome to MMi
    2009-03-13 01:48 PM
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    2009-03-13 02:47 PM