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    I have this application fring that lets me do voip and it works "pretty good" a few days ago I jailbroke my iPod 2g and got this appliaction called backgrounder, I was able to run fring in the background and when Someone called my skype number my ipod would ring (but only if its wasn't locked) lastly it seemed like the call got messed up when I did it this way for some reason. so I have a few questions:

    1.)is there a way to keep fring from signing out when my iPod goes into sleep mode?

    2.)is there another app that is better than fring that will let me use my skype account and keep me signed in while in sleep mode?

    3.)is there any jailbroken apps that have voip with skype or similiar?

    thanks in advanced
    2009-03-15 04:20 PM

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