1. mombopete's Avatar
    I just updated my WinterBoard App to the latest and now none of my wallpapers work. Lockscreen and icons and everything else work fine. This happen to anyone else?
    2009-03-16 11:13 PM
  2. solidgoldmini's Avatar
    Yes. I've been using iWood Realize as my theme, and when I updated Winterboard, the wallpaper is gone, as are my icon labels. And I have unchecked and rechecked the theme in Winterboard, and the same thing happens. I'm thinking it has something to do with the ability to have a different wallpaper per page now, but I don't know.
    2009-03-16 11:20 PM
  3. h3llr3ll's Avatar
    same here black background and no icon labels
    2009-03-16 11:29 PM
  4. ruedi04's Avatar
    I have just the same problems: after update winterboard my wallpaper is gone, same with the icon labels. There is only a black background. Using the feature "user wallpaper" makes no difference.
    I have no chance to change!!

    And: how to change different wallpapers per page?
    2009-03-16 11:29 PM
  5. drivesoslow's Avatar
    Same issue here
    2009-03-16 11:32 PM
  6. h3llr3ll's Avatar
    just go to cydia and install the second update then everything is fine
    2009-03-16 11:35 PM
  7. ruedi04's Avatar

    There is just a new update: Now it works!!

    But, how change wallpapers per page?

    @h3llr3ll: you are just a little faster!
    2009-03-16 11:36 PM
  8. solidgoldmini's Avatar
    Of course, I had just added copies of my wallpaper to the theme folder named Page1.png, Page2.png, Page3.png, etc.

    Installing the next update fixed it much quicker. And fixed the icon labels too.
    2009-03-16 11:39 PM