1. 1942_Sniper's Avatar
    Hello, I sorta have a problem. When ever i go to installer and try to download gpSPhone, i get the message Package download failed! I have tried restoring and then jail breaking and i have tried shutting down my iphone then restarting but nothing works! Please help me ! Oh by the way i have version 1.1.4
    2008-03-07 01:59 AM
  2. GenghisPhlip's Avatar
    1.1.4 doesn't always take new apps on the first try. Most likely all you have to do is run the install, once the error appears click ok (or whatever it says) then hit your home button then the power button. Hit the home button one more time and you should see the app's widget on your screen.

    2008-03-07 03:57 AM
  3. 1942_Sniper's Avatar
    Nope, it says the message right when you press the install button. thanks for the try
    2008-03-07 04:23 AM
  4. cricket's Avatar
    I have this aswell also on PSX4ALL, I have looked at the source and it is an email address instead of a http, can anyone give me the source.. thanks
    2008-03-07 11:14 AM
  5. ipodtouch-freak's Avatar
    Zod says that his servers are not stable at the moment:
    There’s no need to fear, ZodTTD is here!

    6 Mar, 2008 No Comment

    Hello everyone. About two weeks ago I began mucking with the webserver to test out the video service for ZodTTD. While it was more popular than expected, it was also bad timing. I had a lot of real-life things to catch up on, and was sick for a good portion of this unexpected absence. The changes I made to the webserver that hosts zodttd.com as well as the increased traffic I began getting, pushed this server to it’s limits. The downtime was due to those reasons. Rumors of Apple hiring me, while flattering, are sadly not true.

    In the meantime, I am looking into upgrade packages for my webserver, and seeing how much things will cost for the long haul. I am 100% dedicated to ZodTTD.com and won’t let you down.

    I have genesis4iphone being polished up for an upcoming release. Once the ZodTTD.com website is more stable, it will be released. For those unaware, genesis4iphone is a Sega Genesis (with sound!) and SegaCD emulator for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.
    2008-03-07 02:14 PM