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    Here's what I would love to see in a ToDoList App:

    Be able to sync with my mac, so I can type up and maintain the lists easily and then dump them to the iPhone so I have them throughout my day.

    Be able to record due date and "do on" date, so I can say "my homework's due monday, but I plan on doing it sunday"

    Be able to sort by "do on" dates, so I have a list of things to accomplish that day, and being able to "bump" items I don't get to today to tomorrow's list.

    Easy to navigate list hierarchy, so that I can have a master list for school, and then set each class individually so I can add the entire syllabus at the begining of the semester.

    Being able to set repeat events that occur weekly or monthly, like working out or paying bills.

    I know there's a "to do" function in iCal. Could this work with that?

    Also it would be great to support other non-date related lists, like grocery lists and workout plans.

    Anyone else out there interested in features like this?

    One more thing, having it work in landscape mode, like safari, so I can use the wider keyboard.
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    2007-09-16 08:18 AM
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    I agree with all that! It would be great to see it do all the things you suggested. I can't think of too many other things but:
    • ability to set an alarm or reminder
    • make use of date due, or something of that effect, and have it display a number like email or phone or SMS when you have tasks due or past due
    • from a UI point of view, something as usable as say the mail.app. Set it up as the left to right linear path. Account(category) to messages list(to do's) to the individual message(task).

    I second the need for syncing with something, preferably iCal!

    I have high hopes for this app.
    2007-09-16 10:45 PM