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  1. chickdigger802's Avatar
    Well my iphone went into the infinite boot screen and I restored my iphone, the problem is that I had 3 folders with apps that are now 'missing' from the home screen, which includes the 'categories' app when I reinstalled it. What do I needa do to make my app's visible again?
    2009-04-06 03:27 AM
  2. Broomhead's Avatar
    poof or SB Settings will un-hide them
    2009-04-06 03:29 AM
  3. theguy386's Avatar
    well if you did restore your phone, then you would also have to restore your apps
    2009-04-06 04:40 PM
  4. Dizzy714's Avatar
    I had a similar problem. When I restored my iPhone I was missing some of the standard iPhone apps. Poof would of unhid them after I did a jailbreak again? If so I'm going to be terrible pissed because that backup is now synced over and never to be found again =/ I also had my name instead of AT&T and after the restore it still said my name rather than the carrier logo.
    2009-04-06 08:18 PM