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    I have read in many posts that a little problem with Cydia is that 'it does not clean up after itself', meaning that when you upgrade a package, the old versions still take up disk space. Is this confirmed? I have reached about 1 Gb of disk space of 'other' according to iTunes (which admittedly is not the most reliable source of info, but still, I can see that 'other' is growing every time I connect with iTunes, so at least the trend is there, the numbers may not be totally correct.) Anyway of getting rid of this stuff? Where would I go with Terminal to delete old versions of Cydia apps?
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    2009-04-11 08:10 AM
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    Other can be a lot of things. Any jailbroken app you have goes under other, so themes, MxTube videos and things will really fill up your other section...
    2009-04-12 02:00 AM
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    Yeah, I know that, but I see 'other' getting bigger after upgrading Cydia apps. And I have almost nothing else, except some Cycorder videos. The mp3s I dl with mewseek, I tranferred them into my itunes library and delete from /media/music/mewseek downloads. I used to have a bunch of YouTube videos but I don't even have those anymore. It's definitely a Cydia apps issue. At any rate, it seems that nobody knows how to deal wih this.
    2009-04-13 04:37 PM
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    Well, "SOME cycorder videos" might be your culprit.... Those video's, even short in time, may be large in size. Best bet, keep the Favorite videos you have and transfer via ssh the others you dont need.


    if your desperate for space, you can take Screen-shots of all your cydia apps and repos (for record) and do a restore and sync. OF COARSE, be sure to back up all our files and movies and music... then you can do a fresh download of your cydia apps.

    if you do happen to do a restore, please post your results here.


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