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    I really need your help.

    Problem: I'm not receiving any SMSes, Voicemails, EMails, or anything. I receive about 1/10 calls, and once i do, suddenly all missed txts & voicemails flood in.

    Background: I was texting on a jailbroken 2.2.0 phone, when suddenly it said "Error sending message". I backed up my phone, and restored to 2.2.1. I restored data, deleted sms.db, and rejailbroke the phone. I still couldn't text, but i knew the hardware is fine b/c without the iphone restore, everything was ok. I uninstalled "Text Message Plus", and BAM i could send texts, but I still can't receive them and still can't receive calls.

    What I've just now tried: In settings, hit "Clear all settings" which corrupted my phone... Restoring & rejailbreaking for the 5th time since this incident.

    What I guess happened: Text message plus ran, then crashed. At this point I lost the ability to send smses, and receive pretty much nothing. After a backup, the corrupted files were backed up as well. Even after uninstalling this, and deleting sms.db, nothing is working properly, and the cause lies in the backup file.

    What can I do to fix this? Are there settings files/corrupt files I can clear via ssh? EVERYTHING WORKS UNTIL I RESTORE DATA AFTER THE JAILBREAK. THE JAILBREAK ITSELF IS FINE. I don't know what file got corrupted, but its stored in backup data and I need to fix/delete it.

    Please help, I can even pay you if you know.
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    2009-04-12 11:42 PM
  2. IvanPK's Avatar
    Just do a plain Restore, don't jailbreak yet... Then jailbreak with QuickPWN or Pwnage tool. Make sure to check if it's working on the clean phone, then as you install applications see if it's still working. Make sure to NOT restore from a backup. And don't run Text Message Plus haha.
    2009-04-13 01:29 AM
  3. dapaintballer331's Avatar
    Regardless of what I do first, jailbreak or restore, the restore messes up the phone.

    Can i clear the preferences directory safetly? Can I clear some cache?
    2009-04-13 03:51 AM
  4. confucious's Avatar
    Your backup obviously contains something that is corrupt.
    Restore from an earlier backup.
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    2009-04-13 12:44 PM
  5. dapaintballer331's Avatar
    It was the only backup within 30 days

    I deleted many preferences files from around the time of corruption. That + uninstalling text message plus should have helped, we'll see. It usually takes a day or so to lose the ability to recieve txts&voicemails on time.
    2009-04-13 02:04 PM
  6. eatjello's Avatar
    just do a complete restore, dont back it up, start from scratch, see if it works
    2009-04-13 05:09 PM
  7. IvanPK's Avatar
    Yeah, don't restore from any backup. As I said earlier, select the option of 'Set up as a new iPhone'.
    2009-04-13 06:33 PM