1. tdotcspot's Avatar
    Well I bought version 1.0.3 yesterday from the Cydia store. Worked great! BUT, I noticed this afternoon that there was a 1.0.4 out. There was no change notes on it, but I figured what the hell... I like keeping everything up to date.

    Restarted the springboard and now I notice that when I have the phone in vibrate mode, nothing vibrates on the keyboard but the spacebar, backspace, shift key and return. No letters or numbers. This is on any app I've tried including the keyboard test in the settings itself. When I flip it from vibrate to sound mode, the keyboard works fine (with the clicking noise) with no problems.

    Also if I toggle the Keyboard setting off, with the sound enabled, the keyboard still vibrates. So it seems that setting doesn't do anything. I thought I might have messed the settings up, but I don't think so. I've reinstalled the app, removed and installed as well. Emailed to dev too. Rebooted between installations.

    Just seeing if anyone is also having these issues aside from me.

    2009-04-16 07:40 PM
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    2009-04-16 08:14 PM
  3. tdotcspot's Avatar
    The dev released a 1.0.5 version this afternoon. Very quick! Everything is all fixed.
    2009-04-17 01:32 AM
  4. KiraXD's Avatar
    love this app and am very pleased with my purchase.
    2009-04-17 02:15 AM
  5. rattail30's Avatar
    Yeah, 1.0.5 is out now, but it crashes just like 1.0.4. I noticed in the ChangeLog that he apparently fixed the issue in 1.0.6, but it is still not available in Cydia... I don't know when he is going to release it, but it'd be nice to have a program, that I actually spent money on, work...
    2009-04-17 10:42 PM
  6. XandeR803's Avatar
    I'm also having major crashing issues in 1.0.5.
    2009-04-18 10:08 PM