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    Hi there,

    I'm hoping someone can advise me on removing the Categories app. Basically it stopped working after I replaced my iPhone's hosts file with a modified one to block advertisements in Safari.

    After trying to remove Categories, I can't restore my springboard to its original state - the categories generated folders are still there, but the app (which was in the "utilities" folder) has vanished, and when reinstalled, did not return.

    So how do I get all the apps back on the springboard? Restarting the phone made no difference. Any ideas?

    The situation griped about in more detail, for those who are interested:

    I'm all for ad-supported applications, but since my hosts file also prevents such ads from loading, Categories refuses to start. It wasn't my intent to block ads in other apps - I wanted them blocked in Safari because it massively reduced page loading times via 3G. But this app has pushed the envelope, and I disagree with it. At this point I'd like to explain my disdain for such an attitude towards one's user base; suffice it to say that crippling software because I'm not viewing ads I wouldn't click on is an approach not dissimilar to that used in the draconian crippleware you can buy from Microsoft. Fail a test with WGA/WAT, software down the drain. At least MS software isn't free.

    Very well developer, you worked hard on your application. You deserve some reward for your efforts. Yet you release it for free, but only disable it for those who block ads... not those who simply never click on them. Surely if you subscribe to such ideals, your application should stop working when the user hasn't clicked on an advert in a few days?

    Apparently not. Although I would never have clicked on one of the ads anyhow, I am only singled out from all the others who wouldn't because I chose to prevent the ads loading entirely. Is that not a double standard?

    I'm just not the kind of person to click on ads, I never was. It is not a reflection of my attitude towards developers and their efforts. Ads never have anything I want! It's the principle that pisses me off. If I'm not going to click them anyway I should be allowed to remove them entirely I'm my bloody phone! Since that's not the case, this app has to go - I'm not removing my hosts file.

    Why can't this app just politely remind me it's ad-supported and request I visit one link as a sign of goodwill, and then just function as normal? I'd be fine with that - that's reasonable. I can continue using Safari how I want, the developer gets some support, and I can use the app in peace.
    2009-05-08 06:44 PM
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    If you're comfortable with SSH and editing plists, you can go to:


    download that plist, delete the SBParentalControlsApplications array item, and replace the list on the phone, then respring.

    That's what's keeping the apps hidden. Beware that if you corrupt that file, you'll most likely have to restore the phone.

    Alternatively, you could probably download Poof, reinstall Categories, and then use Poof to unhide Categories though I can't swear that will work.
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    2009-05-09 03:05 AM