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    for the last week or so, dTunes has not been able to access seeqpod.com for music downloads. I decided to try mewseek (even though i read in archives that mewseek uses seeqpod). Although its frustrating to have to use mewseek and pwnplayer instead of just one program, its a solution for now.

    my problem that i need help with is that mewseek downloads so slow. with dTunes i consistenly got ~300kb on wifi and ~125 over t-mo's edge network. mewseek will only top out at ~30-45Kbs over wifi and ~10-15Kbs over edge. Does anybody know how to make the downloads faster? Why is there such a big discrepency? Any help is appreciated!
    2009-05-16 04:00 PM
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    according to wiki [ame=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SeeqPod]SeeqPod - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]
    On April 1st 2009, SeeqPod filed for bankruptcy protection under chapter 11.[4]

    So I am too looking for an alternative to seeqpod

    let me know if you find a good website, preferably one that has a mobile version

    do you have the pro version? maybe the dev put a bandwidth limit on the free version
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    2009-05-21 09:16 AM