1. Eleaf's Avatar

    I have a jailbroken 2G ipod touch (redsn0w 0.3). After I use the touch for a little while the native Music and Video apps will not open (they begin to launch with a white screen, then the ipod goes back to the springboard). All other apps seem to be okay

    If I respring, these apps will work again until I use another app, at which point, Music/Video will not open.

    This happened to me last week, at which point I did a full RESTORE and re-applied the jailbreak. It just started happening again today. I've gone through and uninstalled all the things I've installed in cydia/other apps and it still happens..

    Any suggestions?
    2009-06-02 03:27 AM
  2. rdecast's Avatar
    sorry i can't help, just wanted to report that i'm seeing the EXACT same thing. the moment i try to run another app, music/video do not work. running 2.2.1 jailbroken.
    2009-06-04 12:00 AM