1. ElPared's Avatar
    I've been googling for hours about this but have not come up with a suitable answer. My question is: Where does the iPhone store photos that aren't on the camera roll? I need to be able to SSH to this location on the iPhone's filesystem because the computer that I used to sync my photos with was reformatted and that folder does not exist anymore. I tried going to var/root/media/DCIM/100apple but that only has camera roll photos. Anyone know? I really need to get these off the phone so I can restore/upgrade to 3.0, etc.
    2009-06-05 01:09 PM
  2. phatxskill's Avatar
    ive been trying to find them aswell, only thing i can think of is to email them to your email and save them from there on the computer..
    2009-08-08 01:26 AM
  3. El Pared's Avatar
    I managed to save them by taking screenshots of the ones I wanted to keep, so everything turned out OK. I'd still like to know where they are though. Also it'd be handy to know where iPod music is stored too. I have a feelig they're in the same place...
    2009-08-08 02:15 AM
  4. UserX's Avatar
    Here you go "Camera Roll"...

    and for the iPod...
    Where F* is a subfolder of Music

    The iPod will rename the music so your song will have a name such as

    i suggest using iFile for easy navigation.
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    2009-08-09 11:28 PM
  5. El Pared's Avatar
    Here you go "Camera Roll"...
    I knew about this, I was asking where the other photos are stored. Usually there will be a folder called "Old Photos" or something in the photos app, but it cannot be reached through the 100APPLE folder, so it must be stored somewhere else.

    Thx for the iPod music location though, that'll make it worthwile to download music off the Internet. Yay OCRemix!
    2009-08-10 10:48 AM
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