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    Hi guys, I thought I would upload a short list of the most popular iPhone Web app site on the Internet right now.

    Top 3 iPhone Application Sites (in my opinion):

    1.) http://www.appleopolis.com
    This is by far the best looking and most comprehensive website I found for free iPhone Apps on the internet right now. It's way easier to use (on your iPhone) and on the computer than the other popular sites out there. Appleopolis.com has launched a free "online iPhone account" that people can use to add, store and manage their favorite web apps. If you have an iPhone and make this site your homepage, everytime you click on safari it brings up all your favorite webapps in the same format as the normal application section on the phone. Pretty kool feature.

    2.) http://www.modmyi.com/apps/
    This is a no brainer, you are all familiar with this site... say no more!

    3.) http://www.iphoneapplicationlist.com/
    You all probably know this one as well. Not exactly the best looking site out there but they are pretty current with new application updates, and also a popular site as well as the above two.

    Let me know what you think!
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    Appleopolis, nice link. Except there is no homepage for iPhone Safari, but other than that good looking site!

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    2007-07-08 08:19 AM
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    No hompage doesn't matter just leave it open in the background.
    2007-07-16 08:09 PM