1. skottles's Avatar
    I was playing around with rSBT tonight and did something i knew i shouldnt have but did anyway. Under settings there is an option for Dock Icons. I changed it to 0 (i know this is dumb) and sure enough the dock icons disappeared. They actually just moved to the top row, pushing the fourth row of icons out of sight. When I plugged my iphone in, itunes brings me to the Set Up You iPhone screen. I managed to get the dock icons back in working order by replacing the DisplayOrder.plist file in the springboard bundle with a backup. My phone is working fine, but iTunes wants to restore it for some reason Is there anything I can do? Any suggestions? Does rBST modify any other files that need to be restored to default?

    2007-09-22 06:41 AM
  2. Jasper44's Avatar
    Just ignore stupid itunes. Having no dock icons is perfectly fine if you have summerboard installed so that you can scroll to the rest of the icons.
    2007-09-22 07:17 AM
  3. CyberGreg's Avatar
    Um, actually... it sounds like your phone is still in the "unjailed" mode, which iTunes will indeed complain about and never let you sync until its corrected or restored.

    How (by what method) did you get rSBT installed?
    2007-09-22 04:10 PM
  4. McCainCampbell's Avatar
    2007-09-23 08:35 AM