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  1. ChaosX's Avatar
    im trying to install sbsettings so i can unhide my cydia but the saurik source is down so it cant install mobile substrate and the other required things. is there any mirror source or some other repo that has those things on it? and also i noticed sbsettings was in the list of apps that works even though it requires mobile substrate which breaks
    2009-06-20 04:29 PM
  2. michote's Avatar
    MobileSubstrate also breaks Camera Roll App
    2009-06-20 05:05 PM
  3. ChaosX's Avatar
    yeah everything is blacked out. and cycorder doesnt work either. its a black screen then goes back to the main page. is there anyway to unhide cydia? thats the only real reason i wanted sbsettings. ssh maybe? i already have ICY to download apps
    2009-06-20 09:20 PM