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    MobileLog updated to 3.0. It works now.
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    2009-06-25 01:12 AM
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    Read and save yourself some app frustration!

    I noticed the following apps not working on 3.0:
    - Mobilefinder - instant crash back to homescreen
    - vWallpaper - instant crash back to homescreen
    - Fontswap - does not change fonts
    - Bossprefs - WOW...where do I start? Trying to do numeric battery did not work and caused mixup of apps on homescreen then gave Apple message on how to rearrange apps. Rebooting and respringing caused MIM text to default back to AT&T and made other strange things happen - think random missing app icons. They were recovered only after manual shut down and restart.
    - Winterboard themes- most that I've tried did not work although they were checked in WInterboard. Including following: SMS Splatter, Mac Air Keyboard.

    Winterboard themes that did work:
    - Retro dialer

    Apps that worked:
    - Winterboard (options contained within)
    - Cycorder
    - Flashlight
    - Clear Lockscreen
    - Clear sliders
    - MIM

    I hope a simple fix comes soon for all packages or non-working packages are deleted so we don;t have to fish through everything hoping we pick stuff that works...frustrating indeed, but still happy to have 3.0 functionality, cycorder, and minor customizing options.

    Happy jailbreaking all!
    2009-06-25 01:50 AM
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    Winterboard works, but apple moved the files for the SMS and keyboard so that is why the won't change with theme. If you change the SMS folder to ChatKit.frameworks it will update the bubbles. Five icon dock and five rows both work. Just not when both are activated at the same time. There is an update coming out soon to fix that.
    Itunes messed up the itunnel and ssh. The best thing to use now, I think, is iPhone browser 1.9 on google. Five column springboard has also been updated for 3.0. Bossprefs is not working but they have update sbsettings to work pretty good with 3.0
    2009-06-25 03:30 AM
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    @jjmack33 since I did the udate & jailbreak I've been using SSH without problem until today I logged in but could not go a step back from root dir. Error message say can't connect to host, omg drove me nuts,
    I rebooted,respring still did not work then I tried no not restore but reset network settings wah!! Sucess
    so you could try these steps.

    Msn messeger SMS theme not working
    vwallpaper definately not working
    iphonevideorec. Instant crash
    aptback & cydelete no! No! No! Need to do a restore
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    2009-06-25 07:52 AM
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    What I miss the most that stopped working is
    to track my iTunes plays on last.fm. What is strange is that it worked for a while after upgrading, then it stopped tracking songs later in the day. There is no crash, or errors. It simply does not detect songs being played.

    The other one is: cycorder (never mind, see below)
    It crashes right away before displaying anything.

    I removed cycorder and re-installed it with Cydia. I had used Icy. Now it's working again... Perhaps Icy is not working well. I best use Cydia.
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    2009-06-26 03:08 AM
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    Really miss MobileFinder-- devs, please update!
    2009-06-27 11:50 AM
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    Besides many of Cydia apps, many of my apple free apps are not working also. Does anyone have any solution? Thanks in advance for help.
    2009-07-05 05:43 AM
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