1. Rapidfurious's Avatar
    I would like to see rSBT add the ability to display no icons on the main screen (other than the dock), and all the icons on the scrolling springboard.

    I have tried by making the Springboard area empty and putting all the icons on the extended springboard, but it doesnt work.

    Any suggestions? Am I missing something?
    2007-09-22 09:18 AM
  2. unclear's Avatar
    you can move things to the hidden section to hide them...
    if you mean you want your homescreen to be blank, then scroll down to apps below, this doesn't happen yet, but has been requested numerous times... i wouldn't be surprised if the next update gives us this ability.

    I wish rSBT allowed you to launch any apps in the hidden section so I didn't have to use another program to launch them ( I use Finder )
    2007-09-22 09:48 AM
  3. Rapidfurious's Avatar
    Yes scrolling through a blank screen to the icons below is exactly what I mean. Good to know its been requested already!
    2007-09-22 10:48 AM