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    I am looking for an app or plugin that would allow me to get OWA (outlook web access) email to my iphone.
    I know I know, just use the built in exchange active sync or use IMAP. Well my company doesn't allow IMAP.

    I've tried OWA with the builtin exchange and IMAP and nothing, the group membership is not allowing it. Basically they are running OWA and OMA over the same link.

    I remember someone was coming up with an app called iBerry, but it doesn't look like it made it.

    Any help would be appreciated it. If I can't find an app to help I might have to sell my iPhone....and we don't want that to happen.
    2009-06-25 09:42 PM
  2. blaze6377's Avatar
    I have pretty much the same issue. Any help is certainly appreciated!

    In my case I did notice 2 things:

    1. if I setup my company owa mail on Activesync, it would work as long as I'm standing within reach of the company's wireless Lan network, but the moment I step out of the company, it stops being able to connect :-(

    2. However If I open owa on safari, it does connect.
    2009-08-03 02:16 AM
  3. jimmy-bish's Avatar
    Ok, I've done a couple of these setups for clients running SBS 2003 or Exchange 07.
    There are a few settings which need to be enabled on the server for it to work, as well as a few open ports.
    1. RPC over HTTP(S). I've read conflicting reports on whether or not this needs to be enabled. Our clients have mobile users anyway, so this has always been enabled in my case. Ask whoever runs your server.
    2. Port 443 needs to be open. If you have OWA working in a browser over HTTPS, you're all good.
    3. OWA needs an SSL certificate. It's fine if it's the default self signed one created by Exchange.
    4. Exchange Activesync needs to be enabled.

    So, from here you need to enter the following details into your phone:
    1. Your full email address
    2. The Server address, which is the address of the server as seen by the internet, not your local network. This is usually Leave out the /Exchange or /owa.
    3. The domain. Check the logon screen of your work PC. Hit the Options button after Ctrl-Alt-Del and you'll see you have Username, Password and Domain. Enter the domain name into your phone exactly as you see it on this screen. Domain\Username has never worked for me. Same with using the email address as the username or using / instead. However, I have had success with leaving the domain out once.
    4. Your password
    5. And choose to use SSL (and accept the certificate if it prompts you).

    On one iPhone I've had more success with entering the IP address of the Exchange server rather than the web address. It found the server fine, but wouldn't verify the details. Jump on a PC and ping the OWA address from an external PC to get the IP.

    I've found it pretty "hit and miss". Some companies have no problems with iPhones, others do. I've even had one client get a replacement iPhone and that had trouble connecting to Exchange when the original phone connected within 30 seconds!
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    2009-08-04 05:45 AM
  4. Lemony Vengeance's Avatar
    the only issues that I've encountered are pertaining to SSL and the default LAN interface the server uses for mail (SMTP) traffic through exchange. Usually if your business produces their own cetrificate you're going to want to turn SSL 'off' because it's not signed by an authority that the iphone (or any other browser, for that matter) will recognize unless you manually install it. that's why you need to manually install some certs when you browse to your owa page in IE.

    Yeah, port 443 needs to be open, but let's be honest. If your company doesn't have port 443 INBOUND open you have a bigger problem.

    Second thing I've encountered as an IT admin is multiple LAN inyterfaces on exchange servers. I have a server that we weren't able to get Activesync working through for the longest time until I realized that we had more than one LAN interface active on the server and I didn't specify which one would have the OWA traffic go though. In turn even though the firewall was setup to give our exchange machine a public IP, something in IIs wasn't set up properly. I Made the changes and it's working now. unfortunatly I can't remember exactly what they were...
    2009-08-04 04:37 PM
  5. seedymod's Avatar
    I think what the op wants is to have a solution without involving the IT dept. Most of these replies assume that we have access to the Exchange server.

    I'm with the OP in wanting a solution. My IT dept will not activate activesync and the only way to check email or calendar is through OWA.

    I remember on the Palm someone wrote a program called xchangesync that used your OWA settings and bypassed activesync. Here's an old Treocentral topic on it:

    Mark, why did you give up on xChangeSync? -

    I think whoever creates a solution for this will have a hit.
    There are lots of people who would rather not deal with their IT dept.
    2009-08-04 05:28 PM