1. itry2hide's Avatar
    I had cycorder installed on my 3G iphone, with the OS 3.0 installed. I rebooted yesterday, and cycorder no longer shows up in Springboard. It won't show up in spotlight either. The files are still there, because I can see them in Cyberduck.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled, checked the permissions, etc. Cydia installer sees it, but the iPhone OS doesn't . I installed the other Cydia video software. The icon shows up, but it won't fully launch. Any ideas?
    2009-06-30 11:01 PM
  2. UKFitch21's Avatar
    This happened to me too. I have SBSettings installed so i went into the Hide/Poof feature and first hid Cycorder, the phone will respring, then go back in to Hide and unhide the icon. Then it popped up for me.
    2009-06-30 11:25 PM