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    This is my vision of multitasking on the iPhone. Got the idea from Docks (old Installer app - Thanks Broomhead) and the Pre's quick launch feature, which looks very similar.

    How it would work is just like Docks. You'd put your finger in the bottom right corner (though I suppose could be switched to the left side for left-handed people, but wouldn't be available both ways until a future update; you know how Apple is ) and slide it toward the middle. Then you'd get the middle picture above.

    If you slid your finger toward the right or bottom, it would select the next app that's running in the background and would launch whatever app was selected when you let your finger go. (circles = app icons if you didn't get that)

    The icon farthest to the right and the one at the bottom would always be there. One would be to run the app that's currently open in the background. The other would serve two purposes. When you're in an app, by selecting it, it force-quits that app. When you're on the home screen, it force-quits all apps running in the background.

    Then, you could only run up to 3 apps in the background, but I'm sure that's more than enough for most people.

    BTW, that's not counting Safari, iPod, Mail, and Phone running in the background. They'd still run in the background like they do now, but wouldn't be added to the list for quick-launching unless you opened the app and selected the option to run it in the background.

    And that's my vision of multitasking on the iPhone. I know people have been wanting it for a long time, but never really knew how Apple could implement it other than just plain backgrounding, so I came up with my own way. It would be awesome if something similar to this could make its way to 4.0, if not sooner.

    How would YOU like to see multitasking implemented in the iPhone? I'd love to see some more ideas.

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