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    I have a question about the pwnagetool. I am using Pwnagetool 3.0 (Mac OSX) to jailbreak my 3G. I was successful at the jailbreaking part. The question I have now though has to do with the section within the PwnageTool program that allows you to install/load Cydia apps when building a custom ISPW firmware. This is where I am having problems. I need to know how I can get PwnageTool to recognize Cydia repositories. I have performed some common sense methods already. I went into the Cydia application via the iPhone, manually wrote down the repositories on paper, and then plugged them into the section of the PwnageTool program that allows you to enter in the repositories. Then I pressed refresh to get them to load and nothing happens. Ok so that does not work, it won't recognize the repo although the cydia iPhone app will,,,so now what? Ok,,so I go online and the closest info/help I can find is this link below:

    LINK #1 = [ame=http://www.iphonealley.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8125]Adding Cydia Packages to list for pwnage bundle - iPhone Alley Forums[/ame]

    So it tells me to add "dists/stable/main/binary-iphoneos-arm/Packages" at the end of the repo when i enter it in. So I follow these directions exactly. Again pressing refresh and nothing happens,,,PwnageTool still won't recognize various repositories.

    So now I am at a stand still. I realize that the Pwnagetool comes with about 4 or 5 repos already pre-entered in by default,, but there has to be some other way to add more than what is preconfigured already there. So my question is, how to I get the correct full path to a repository so that the pwnage program will recognize it? Can anyone help me out on this?
    2009-07-06 06:16 PM
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    tell me -- please, did you figure this out?
    2009-10-31 03:04 AM
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    Bump. This would make life a lot easier. E.g. Pwnd firmware with yellowsnow built in.
    2010-06-25 05:43 AM
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    Well my guess would be to figure out what the exact url to each package is...are you trying to reinstall all your apps or just trying to add sources to cydia. Kind of confused on what your asking. If its reinstalling apps good idea in the future is to use rock app's built in restore from backup or aptbackup there might be others but I like these.
    2010-06-25 06:02 AM
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    Going to repwn my iPhone with Pwnage 4.01, but I want to create my own firmware with my favorite packages and repos built in when the phone is upgraded.

    In pwnage tool, go to Expert Mode, than Cydia Settings, then Manage Sources. As another example, in order to see the apt.modmyi.com repo, PwnageTool needs to see it as http://apt.modmyi.com/dists/stable/m...s-arm/Packages

    I'm trying to figure out how to get other ones, I've copied the last part starting with dists/ but that rarely works

    I take that back, apparently that link is clickable, and used by Cydia, but that doesn't even work in PwnageTool

    There has to be a file on the iPhone where these are kept once you've added the sources manually through Cydia. Anyone know where to look? I can't even figure out which directory to search.
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    2010-06-25 07:32 AM