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    I recently got my iPhone replaced due to a faulty battery. Before I brought it in to the apple store I bought PKG Backup and backed up my list in contacts and on facebook. All my contacts were apparently lost, but I still have the list on facebook. I have PKG backup reinstalled on my iPhone, but can't figure out how to restore all my apps. Here is the list:

    A-steroids Studio,,APR (/usr/lib),APT 0.6 Transitional,APT 0.7 Strict,APT 0.7 (apt-key),APT 0.7 Strict (lib),APT 0.7 HTTPS Method,Base Structure,Bourne-Again SHell,Berkeley DB,BigBoss's Source,IphoneCat Team,bzip2,Jizz In My Pants,GBA BIOS file (required),Baby Toy Remix,South Park KICK ***,Rick Rollr,Banana Phone Ringtone,myCinema,Erica Utilities,**********,Source GUI,Kanye West Gay Fish,IntelliScreen,IntelliShared,Homescreen Calendar Theme,Safari Download Plug-In,BlackBerry Storm Click,Jackass Party Boy Ringtone,iWalMart,ClearCam,Enhanced CTorrent,Llama Sing,PkgBackup,Icy,RockApp,Rock Extensions,Five Icon Dock,attachment= for mailto:,All Sources,Super Mario Brothers,Danny Sound board,Baby Gangsta Ringtone,Kitty Cat Ringtone,Achmed The Dead Terrorist Ringtones,Austin Powers Ringtones,Borat Ringtones,Borat SMS Tone,Chicken Rap,Meow Mix Ringtone,Orange Box Ringtones,Party Boy Ringtone,Peanut Butter Jelly Time,Popular Ringtones,Super Mario Bros. Sound Pack,Spider Pig Ringtone,South Park Ringtones,Cartman Soundboard,Intelliscreen,mAdvLock,NES 3,NES ROMs A2C Pack,NES ROMs D2G Pack,NES ROMs H2M Pack,NES ROMs N2S Pack,NES ROMs T2Z Pack,Repo Icons,dTunes,gpSPhone,psx4iphone,snes4iphone,Core Utilities,Core Utilities (/bin),CZ&SK iPhone & iTouch,cURL,Cycorder,Cydia Installer,Cydia Community Sources,Darwin Tools,Diff Utilities,diskdev-cmds,Debian Packager,,Essential,iFile,file-cmds,Find Utilities,iPhone Firmware,FreeCoder's Source,Gawk,GNU Privacy Guard,grep,gzip,Hackers Dot NL,Hack&Dev Team Source,HowettNET,HVKLS,'s Source,iAcces's Source,iClarified's Source,iFon Norway,iFoneguide,iFoneTec's Source,,'s Source,iPhoneHE's Source,iPhone Islam's Source,iPhoneMod Brazil,iPhoneModding,iPuhelin,iSpazio,libhide,libx ml2 Library,LZMA Utils,MacCiti,miPhone,Mobile Substrate,MobileTerminal,,iPhone-Patch's Source,,New Curses,CyDelete,MemTool,Five-Column SpringBoard,network-cmds,SaladSoft's Source,Darwin CC Tools,OpenSSH,OpenSSL,7-zip (POSIX),PAM (Apple),PAM Modules,pcre,PreferenceLoader,comcute's Source,Profile Directory,PwnCenter,Ranbee,readline,RichCreations, RupertGee,Saurik's Source,SBSettings,Autocorrection SBSettings,Autolock SBSettings,sbsettingstoggles,UserAgent Faker,sed,shell-cmds,SOSiPhone,SQLite 3.x Library,srt Design Labs,Ste's Source,Steffwiz,system-cmds,Tape Archive,Touch-Mania,ultrasn0w,unrar,unzip,Urban Fanatics' Source,AppSync for OS 3.0,********* Security,UUID Generator,Nik's Source,WinterBoard,Winterboarder,Dev-Team,ZaneKills (PwnCenter),zip,ZodTTD's Source,Zuijlen

    If anyone could compile these into the correct format for me to restore, it would be GREATLY appreciated.
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