1. xxblackoutxx's Avatar
    hello..im having a bit of trouble getting FFIX to run on my 3GS, i have copied everything over from the disc's themselves onto my desktop into four seperate folders(one for each disc)...

    i know there are some threads on here trying to explain how to do this but none of the games people want are really as deep as this one im guessing that include fmv's and movies and such, i really want the WHOLE game on there and cannot get it to work

    i have iphonebrowser and i have the scph1001.bin file in my PSX folder and in the /stash/applications/psx4iphone folder also...what else do i need to do to get the game to run right?? i tried just dumping the whole mass folder into PSX folder and when everything copied over it made a /PSX/FFIX folder with the big folder with the 4 sub-folders in that...doesnt work, shows no roms also, if u can help that would be awesome since ive spent some time on this already but no luck, if u guys need more info lemme know and ill see what i can do, thnx!
    2009-07-08 07:51 PM
  2. Kird16's Avatar
    For my ffVII i just had individual .bin files for each game and just put it into the same file with the bios, didn't put them in folders or anything at it works.
    2009-07-09 09:15 PM
  3. xxblackoutxx's Avatar
    what about the cut-scenes nd stuff tho??
    2009-07-10 06:45 AM
  4. Kird16's Avatar
    all the cut scenes and everything work for me, just sound isn't working, but i just play in portrait w/o sound and use my own music
    2009-07-11 12:34 AM