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    SEE LINK: Cydia Crashes When Loading Tech Chronicle

    When you perform this fix,,,all your sources will remain and not be deleted by this fix. Again, ALL your sources,,,including your manually entered in sources will not be deleted. just fyi.
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    2009-07-20 05:32 PM
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    Damn, I was the one who 1st figured that out, like 6-7 months ago... who knew it would be re-published all over the friggin internet!!
    I guess nobody can say i've never contributed anything to this community!
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    Praise the Devs! To each and every one of you who spend your time writing code and making apps for little or no profit... Its YOU that makes the iPhone great, NOT Apple!! From me to you, a million thanks!!
    2009-07-21 06:40 AM
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    Thanks for the post, but this is in about 6 threads already. I personally have posted a few also. But a great guide indeed.
    2009-07-21 07:45 AM