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    Ut oh. I accidentally allowed SBSettings to fix dir permissions when i meant to press no. Everything seems to work except for the ipod and pandora radio. When i try to open ipod it crashes into safe mode? Why would this happen? How can i go about fixing this issue. Now I,m stuck at work with no tunes to listen to.

    I also allowed cydia to update a bunch of apps right after accidentally pressing that button. So now im not sure what caused this to happen.

    Does anyone have any sugestions on how to fix this or understand why it happened? HELP ME PLEASE!! I'm going crazy without my music.

    I'd immagine that i could ssh into the phone and fix the permissions that aren't allowing the ipod to start or causing it to crash? The problem is I'm not sure what folder the permissions for the ipod are located and what they should be set to. I'm wondering what the default permissions would be. I tired googleing but no help there.

    When the phone crashes into safemode they both work. What does this tell me?

    Any help would be much appricated. How can i fix this?
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