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    i'm curious if any one knows of any app out there that would allow you to easily initiate any executable command on a pc from your iphone over a bluetooth or ad-hoc wifi connection. I'm not talking about VNC here. I dont want to see the desktop or control the mouse. I just want to send a simple command over wifi from the iphone to the pc to make the pc launch an application or run a predefined command.

    The closest app I could find is Tweet My Pc which allows you to send commands to your pc from the iphone via twitter. This won't work because the pc I'm working with won't have internet connectivity in it's location. If Tweet my pc worked over wifi or bluetooth it would be perfect.

    • hardware available: one pc and one iphone
    • no internet on the pc
    • no routers, access points, or other networks
    • iphone connected to pc via ad-hoc wifi or bluetooth
    • I do not want to remotely control the desktop of the pc nor see the mouse or pc screen, just send a pre-defined command by pushing a button or typing a simple command that will tell the pc to run an executable or command.

    If anyone know of anything that will do this, please let me know. Also please post any questions if I was not clear enough. Thanks!

    I answered my own question late late last night. I'd purchased AirMouse Pro a long time ago and used it a bit but never realized it could be used to run custom commands/programs from the function screen. it does exactly what I need!
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