1. tosbsas's Avatar
    I am using iRealsms and am I happy with it, but my provider stopped having contract with eplus germany and I need that. So I am thinking about using bitesms parallel to use its network feature.

    Anyone knows if there is any problem in using both, will irealsms still do all its stuff?

    2009-08-05 03:15 PM
  2. Zym5's Avatar
    yup, you just have to disable all of the quicksend and whatnot in bitesms. Heck, what I do is just disable the dylib so that you can just use the bitesms credit thing. And you can also set bitesms as your default SMS app, but still have ireal's quicksend and whatnot
    2009-08-06 06:06 PM
  3. tosbsas's Avatar
    with bitesms as default and irealsms mobilesubstrate enabled I get no popupon receipt. When disabled irealsms msubstrate bite works perfect. If I want to use ireal as standard I just disable all of bitesms - that way I can use its network and for the rest ireal


    2009-08-06 06:30 PM
  4. jws43yale's Avatar
    I personally prefer bitesms over iReal and don't see reason to have both. Why do you all prfer iReal?
    2009-08-07 02:55 AM
  5. tosbsas's Avatar
    Actually only one feature left that I really need - its templates as signature, as I need about 5 of those -work, private, church, family

    But the rest looks great in bitesms. I think once ireal gets its own network the battle will be even bigger.

    Second: Support with ireal is great, but looks like bite is coming up fast too
    2009-08-07 04:27 AM
  6. witchmd's Avatar
    Support with irealsms seem to have slowed down a bit. Nothing new coming out and its latest version needs improvement. I installed both BiteSMS and ireal but had conflict with the quicksend and quick reply so I took out bitesms. will try to figure it out.

    Me too, the only reason I'm holding on to the irealsms is due to the templates and draft option. If ireal does not have anything new coming out soon, might delete it and use bitesms instead. Unless I figure out how I can make them co-exist.
    2009-08-16 05:46 AM