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    Working VOIP settings using Siphon with LocalPhone.Com:
    Username: SIP ID
    Password: SIP Password
    Server: localphone.com
    Advanced Settings.....
    Proxy Server: proxy.localphone.com:5060
    Auth. Username: SIP ID
    Network / Transport Options .....
    Local Port: 5060
    STUN Server: stun.idefisk.com:3478
    Media Transport Options ....
    RTP Port: 8000
    Use Siphon defaults for everything else
    These settings were found (and tested USA/USA) with their free LocalPhone VOIP Windows/MacX App. If you have problems, download and install. Open the app, select options/show advanced options and use your different settings. Localphone also has examples of several voip router setups and a couple of mobile apps, but nothing for the iPhone yet.

    For those not familiar with localphone.com, they offer normal voip service .... plus what I consider unique: a 'Direct Dial' for frequent numbers. DD numbers are local to your area and assigned sequentially above your primary localphone number. When you dial a DD number, it automatically reroutes and calls the frequent contact number. If the party does not answer or it's busy, then in the US, no cellular air-time is charged because the call was never completed.
    USA/USA rates are .009 cents/min. USA/Vietnam 4.9/5.4 cents/min. Of course, lots more

    Been with them for about 5 months now, and I'm impressed. Better (and cheaper) then anything I've found so far, especially when calling from my mobile. No more busy/no answer mobile air-time charges. Their new VOIP (computer & mobile) app support makes this even better. 1/10 cent billing is a plus.

    BTW1: I have NOT got this to work with fring as yet, only Siphon. Haven't found where to change many of the 'detailed' settings.

    One more thing....... If you're interested in signing up for localphone I can get a 10% bonus on your 1st 90 days charges if I recommend you. PM me your email and 1st name, I send it to localphone -- and then respond to their email. I'm not affiliated with the company in any way. It's almost more trouble than it's worth to get 10% --- but every little bit helps (hahaha)

    BTW2: MagicJack used to work w/fring/Siphon --- worldwide. ($30/year for free USA access from around the world !!) But they caught on quickly. No work-around yet. Requires a PC/Mac. If an iPhone solution is found, MJ will likely block it again.

    Here's my plan. Travel internationally next week. Use the iPhone/Siphon/localphone w/WiFi and call any USA number for 0.009 cents/min. Who knows, it just might work. Wish me luck
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