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    I have an iPhone 3G on 3.0.1 Hiding the icon labels was working just fine but know when I check them in Winter Board and respring, nothing happens. They won't hide. This happened after i installed FontSwap from Cydia. Can anybody help???????? I just want the labels gone. I could care less about them.
    2009-08-28 09:02 PM
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    In WInterboard the higher up the list the theme is, the more priority it takes.
    Sometimes a theme overwrites the no icon labels, so move the "no icon labels" to the top of the list by holding the 3 lines on the right hand side and dragging it to the top.

    This should work fine. It happened to me when I installed a theme too.

    Hope that helps.

    2009-08-28 09:10 PM
  3. lll2for3lll's Avatar
    I did this already and it didn't work. any other suggestions.

    Wow! Thanks for the quick reply. I did that and it didn't work. Is there anything else that might work?

    Ok. I found the sloution to my own question. The problem is when you install SetWallPaper, the icons reappear after your phone respring. I had to uninstall it in Cydia. Its the package with all the asain symbols. Even if you put this in your phone via SSH, the package will still be in Cydia and can be uninstalled from there.

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    2009-08-29 07:57 AM