1. mediocre420's Avatar
    Can anyone help me with this. I was using swirly mms for awhile successfully and it all the sudden quit working on me and i cant get it to work again. I just want this app gone and for native mms to get restored to my phone. If i uninstall the app though i get no notification on any incoming mms and just want to get it back to my phone. Thank you for any help.
    Using iphone 2g on 3.0
    2009-08-29 01:24 AM
  2. ksiphone's Avatar
    the answer to your question lies in searching the forum for mms on 2g iphone. there are tons of threads about this topic.

    i have tried both methods and personally, i would try to get swirly functioning again. native mms on a 2g iphone drains the battery in less than a day from 100% charge. it is nice to have a preview of the mms before opening any program, but the shortened battery life isn't worth that feature for the 2-3 pictures i get per week. having mms integrated into the os is also a nice feature, but again the limited amount of pictures i send doesn't justify having to charge the battery to make it through a day.

    that said, what steps have you tried in troubleshooting swirly? what exactly is your phone doing or not doing? check the forum at swirlyspace.com it is full of useful information.
    2009-08-30 06:34 AM
  3. mediocre420's Avatar
    im on att so i dont really think its a problem with swirly. It worked for like 6 months and then it just started giving me the http forbidden response. If i stick my sim in a razor for a minute and put it back in my phone it will work for like 5 minutes and then shut back off.
    2009-08-31 03:05 AM