1. JackSway3003's Avatar
    Hello, I recently upgraded my MiVTones to the 3.4.3 update thru Cydia and now whenever I open the app it crashes. I can see the splash screen and it moves to the front page of the app but its when the pop alert comes that says "please re-verify your account" that it crashes back to the SpringBoard. I think the pop alert is whats killing it cause I've had similar things happen before. Is there anyway to bypass the alert??? Is anyone else having this problem after updating???

    Any help is appreciated Thanks
    2009-08-30 09:34 AM
  2. avenger's Avatar
    Me too updated and now have same problem.
    I have tried looking through iphone system files but cant find the one the requires you re verify your account.
    I wish some would create a app other than this one as it is the only one i know of..
    2009-08-30 12:26 PM