1. dazzastark's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    I'd love to make these myself but honestly, I am just having a lot trouble with finding time, coding on a hackintosh and working with jailbroken apps rather than app store apps.

    My first idea and most important to me is a Carrier Plan Tracker. Basically, input your plan details and a daemon tracks all you information by month. You can look at previous month and such within the application. Input things like Start Date, End Date, Daytime minutes, if free evenings and weekends are included and if so, starting and ending times, extra charges (i.e. long distance), mms and all such aspects to go with your plan included your data limit on the 3G or Edge networks.

    Idea #2, caller id toggle for SBSettings. I think that's pretty self-explanitory.

    And my third idea, an app that turns the camera into a webcam for your computer. It has all functions of a regular webcam and I dont mean like Qik.

    To all coders, goodluck on these.
    2009-09-06 05:59 PM