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    MeCanto - Access your entire music collection from the iPhone

    MeCanto is a new app which lets you stream your entire music collection to the iPhone/iPod Touch over 3G/Wifi.
    Unlike Simplify and other similar apps, while letting you stream your music as soon as the app is installed on your PC and iPhone, it also uploads the music to your online account s.t as soon as the upload is done you can turn your PC off.
    Additionaly, the service lets you add multiple PCs to a single account.
    This way you have a single service where you can listen to your unified music collection (great for those of us who have an additional laptop/nettop).

    The service has a web 2.0 style, feature-rich web access which lets you browse and listen to your music from a remote computer (such as your office computer, school computer, etc.).

    How to get it
    1. Get the app from Cydia (it's filed under Multimedia).
    2. Open an account (for free) at MeCanto - Listen to your music collection on the web and your mobile phone .
    3. Install the PC application on the PCs containing your music files.
    The application can either get your music files through iTunes or you can define the folders manually.
    Additionaly, it monitors you collection for updates s.t as soon as new music is detected it is automatically available through the service.
    4. Run the app on the iPhone and insert your account details.
    5. Rock on.

    Here are some screenshots of the app :

    The support page for the iPhone application is located at : MeCanto - iPhone Client .

    2009-09-21 02:53 PM