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    I have a gmail account setup and synced between my Macbook and iPhone.

    I recently moved off campus into a my own place at school and in the process of all of this ended up allowing my roommate to purchase and setup and very unreliable wireless router for our internet that constantly drops the connection for any Apple product.

    During one of these drops my mail app on my Macbook lost connection and but then began functioning properly after I reconnected. Every since then the mail ipa on my iPhone and the mail app on my Macbook won't sync properly.

    For example, when I read an email or make any adjustment to the inbox from my iPhone I could use my mail app on my Macbook and the changes would still hold showing that I read a particular email or made an adjustment and vis-versus from my Macbook to my iPhone. Now however, if I read an email or make any adjustment to the inbox from one device the other device's application won't have picked up on the change that occurred from the device the change originally occurred on.

    I'm grateful for any advice or suggestions if anyone has any input
    Thanks in advance.
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    2009-10-14 09:11 PM