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  1. yoyo157's Avatar
    I have a theme that changes the look of my dock. It would look a lot better if i could hide the text under the name of the app. For example, under the "phone" app, the word phone is under it. How do I remove this?
    2009-11-24 03:19 AM
  2. Bo's Avatar
    WinterBoard will do that, select no icon labels or no undocked icon labels.
    If you want to change the name you can download "Rename" in Cydia.
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    2009-11-24 03:27 AM
  3. battlecrushr's Avatar
    Ya rename in cydia
    2009-11-24 03:30 AM
  4. cityfisher's Avatar
    Ya rename in cydia
    I just did a search in Cydia and rename is no longer listed...

    2009-11-26 03:47 PM
  5. CaptainChaos's Avatar
    It may not be updated to your current firmware.
    2009-11-26 04:26 PM
  6. jeffglenellen's Avatar
    Rename 2 does not work at all if you are on 3.1.2 firmware. Also, the original rename does rename the apps,only problem is that it reverts to your old icons if you are on a particular theme,very odd indeed
    2009-12-06 08:27 PM

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