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    I'm currently making a digital RPG character sheet using HTML and JavaScript. It will be able to record multiple characters, and erase a character, if you desire (there's two confirmation windows to prevent accidents).

    The current design is aimed towards a D&D 3.5 character sheet, but it can be modified as necessary for other purposes.

    I'm debating whether to bother releasing it in Cydia (for free, of course), or just holding onto it for myself and my friends who play, and have iPhones/iPod touches. I've tried it in IE and FireFox, and it doesn't work well in either of those, but it works very well in Safari mobile, and presumably in Safari desktop, as well.

    How many people would like me to put this in Cydia? I'll be posting this on a few different forums I'm a member of.

    If I do release it, I plan on being really involved with the various threads about it, to modify it with graphics, colors, more options, etc.

    I do want to say, though, that one of my main concerns is someone stealing this code, as it wouldn't even be hard, and maybe turning it around for profit in Cydia, or even modifying it for use in the App Store. I read an article recently that mentioned that there's LOTS of piracy on Cydia, even of other Cydia apps.
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    2010-01-10 04:36 AM
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    I'm not sure exactly what your making to tell the truth....can you dumb it down a little so I can understand? I know that your talking about having an RPG character but then what? You were saying where it worked well and all and I still don't know what your talking about but if your talking about having a little moving RPG character dude you could set it as Wallpaper.html or LockBackground.html and see what happens if you put them in a theme in WinterBoard.....also if you're concerned about someone stealing it then encrypt the code and if you really want to then sell it...that way no body could steal it....the more publicity you get, the harder it is for anyone to steal it so yell it from the hilltops but only when you're almost ready to release because if you start too soon then someone who's a computer wiz could see you're idea and make one in a week....
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    2010-01-10 05:25 AM
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    It's basically a web page to hold information about a character, like their strength score, attack bonus, skills, name, etc. And I have no idea where to begin if I was going to try and encrypt an entire web page. That would probably require writing a native app to encrypt and unencrypt it, which I cannot do, as I don't have any way to develop native apps. And even if I did, it is apparently relatively easy to reverse-engineer these things, which means it'd be only a matter of time until someone cracks the encryption scheme. Even if it was a dynamic encryption method, like if I used the current date and time in milliseconds of when the program was last closed, then it could still be found by reading that static variable, or whatever file I'd probably have to store it in. It would be way more work than it'd worth, for me.

    You mentioned publicity: that's why I'm making these threads, to increase awareness. However, I think I'm trying to appeal to an incredibly small niche: People who like table-top RPGs such as D&D, but have jailbroken iPhones/iPod touches. I'm the only person I've ever met, face-to-face, with a jailbroken device, that I know of.
    2010-01-10 05:50 AM
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    Hmmm...tell your friends about jailbreaking...and now seeing what your talking about you could set it as LockBackground.png to see the info about your character on your lockscreen if you want.....
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    2010-01-10 06:18 AM
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    That would defeat the purpose. The whole point is a digital character sheet that I can edit on the fly.
    2010-01-10 06:31 AM
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    Couldn't you edit quicker if it was always on your lockscreen? You could make a text box with an "upload button" so that it would upload your stats with the click of a button even more "on the fly" as ever....right?
    The Next Generation of Phreaks.
    2010-01-10 06:35 AM
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    Couldn't you edit quicker if it was always on your lockscreen? You could make a text box with an "upload button" so that it would upload your stats with the click of a button even more "on the fly" as ever....right?
    But how do I edit a PNG on the fly? And it auto-loads the information of the last character used. I tried making a Cydget of it, but I can't enter text right for some reason.
    2010-01-10 06:44 AM
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    As far as I know the png acts as a browser displaying the html.......it's like a Facebook widgets (a widget is just html) that allows you to update your status.....I may be wrong but I think I got it right......
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    2010-01-10 07:05 AM
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    A PNG is an image, like a JPG, or GIF.
    2010-01-10 07:16 AM
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    yes it is. congrats on that one but the lockbackground can display html files instead of png's see in my first post where I said LockBackground.html? Attached is an example (yes, very unrefined and unfinished, but and example nonetheless) It shows a converter i am making in html being displayed as the lockbackground, then it shows the keyboard that pops up when you click the text box....if you don't believe me just try it real quick...take whatever you have so far and open it in safari, then put it in a theme and name it LockBackground.html and see if the same thing doesn't show up as your background
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    2010-01-10 07:50 AM
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    And I mentioned I've tried it as a Cydget, with issues. But what does this have ANYTHING to do with my original point? We're so off topic now...
    2010-01-10 08:09 AM
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    You're right we are off topic...sorry and hope it turns out well for you....didn't mean any disrespect was just trying to make a point...
    The Next Generation of Phreaks.
    2010-01-10 06:46 PM
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    That makes...4 people...including myself..
    2010-04-03 10:37 AM
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    I think I've spent 1 hour on this project since my original post...
    2010-12-29 12:24 PM