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    hi all..

    my previous jailbreak routine:
    - write a list of cydia apps ive installed
    - restore
    - jailbreak
    - use cydia to look for and update every package that i had previously

    now ive stumbled across 2 better options: cyder v2 and pkgbackup..

    pkgbackup rocks but requires an active data connection.. wifi or edge..

    cyder v2 on the other hand is brilliant that it lets you download complete packages along with their dependancies.. and once downloaded, it doesnt require an active data connection either..

    ----- MY PROBLEM -----

    once ive set up my phone just the way i want it.. i use cyder to load the installed packages and download all of them to my pc.. when i transfer them to the autoinstall directory of cydia, things get chaotic:
    - ive had to restart a lot more than two times.. sometimes seven or eight times before the installed applications show up..
    - some apps dont get installed no matter how many times i restart (eg liveclock)
    - cydia starts reporting error locking some db file
    - at least two times, ive rebooted to see ALL my icons gone (custom apps as well as stock apps), requiring a fresh restore/jailbreak.

    ----- MY QUESTION -----

    im sure that the problem im facing is cuz of the order in which the apps need to be installed.. dependency issues.. so the questions:

    a - how does cydia autoinstall debs.. from what ive seen, cydia installer installs debs very cleanly and reliably.. but the autoinstall doesnt care for dependancies.. for me, there are times when i reboot twice, 4 apps show up.. i reboot again and 5 more show up.. then again and no new apps show up.. then again and 3 more apps show up.. then again and no more apps show up (some apps dont install no matter how many times i restart)..

    b - where does pkgbackup save downloaded deb files.. can i ssh debs downloaded with cyder to pkgbackup such that pkgbackup thinks it has all the required debs and goes on to install them instead of downloading them?

    c - can i do a similar thing with cydia.. ssh files to its cache and instead of rebooting the device, launch cydia so it shows me the pending changes and itself installs the debs?

    ps. i know cydia must save a list of operations to perform.. download a, b, c, install b, then a, then c, then reboot..

    thanks a million.. ive searched on this topic a million times and havent found what ive been looking for.. please help

    2010-04-28 07:29 PM
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    Place the deb file in /var/mobile/. Make sure you have installed Terminal. Then launch it and type this in:
    alpine (as default)
    dpkg -i *name*.deb

    *name* is the name of the deb file.

    Another way is to extract deb files using iFile.
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    2010-04-29 02:48 AM
  3. awesim's Avatar
    bro i know how to do that.. but that doesnt take care of the dependencies.. if a dependency isnt installed, it aborts the installation without telling you what was missing..
    2010-05-02 04:34 AM