1. gordyboyuk's Avatar
    wondering if its possible to add in or edit the time stamps of messages or create a new text in an existing message group under sqlite database?

    i used to to delete non essential texts like blank ones people sent me for me to call them because they were on payg but i need to show the girlfriend that i was contacted by someone first an not the other way round

    i have been playing with sqlite database browser but i cant seem to edit or add in messages , and since each text has its own message id will the whole database update each text accordingly or could i delete some other useless texts in a way to create some space to add in a few texts

    this is quite a nail biter as im accused of cheating but because i deleted the messages i was sent it looks as if i have deleted everything .... cant win with women !
    2010-05-03 02:47 PM
  2. Ray661's Avatar
    tricky, but you could save yourself as the person you're talking to, and then send yourself messages and delete specific messages for example


    S Hey D
    R hey
    S Hey what's up
    R Hey what's up D
    S Nm bored, wanna come over today? D
    R Nm bored, wanna come over today?
    S No, i know what you wanna do and you need to remember, I have a gf
    R No, i know what you wanna do and you need to remember, I have a gf D

    So it looks like this now

    R Hey
    S Hey what's up
    R nm, bored, want to come over today?
    S No, i know what you wanna do and you need to remember, I have a gf

    and then show your gf the message and voila you're a free man.

    And DONT cheat >.< i hate cheaters. I'll hunt you down and kick you in the face

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    2010-05-03 08:27 PM
  3. gordyboyuk's Avatar
    lol thanks ray , but i need it to appear back about a month ago or i would have

    my only option is to rearrange some texts i have from other people , as the sms.db is an sql database and it numbers each text so i dont think i could just insert a new line as it would move all the other messages

    so i have friends texts that i can change the groupid and the name of the sender and just delete what they wrote , but its the editing of this that im finding hard

    has anyone tried it in sqldatabase lite ?
    2010-05-09 05:14 PM
  4. Ray661's Avatar
    can you edit the date with a database viewer/editor? I could try to see if the BiteSMS devs have any idea to get what you need. I'm out of ideas >.<
    2010-05-09 08:21 PM
  5. gordyboyuk's Avatar
    thats what iv been trying ray , i cant seem to do any actual editing with sqldatabase lite and i have tried another app but it didnt seem any better

    i have tried opening it as a rich text document and can see most of it but its all crazy symbols and charachters at the parts where the dates an time an message id and group would be but i the actual texts are displayed properly , well most of the time

    yeh if you could ask the bitesms dudes that would be excellent mate , used to be m
    2010-05-09 09:32 PM
  6. seekingtruth's Avatar
    [B]is it possible to change the sender number of an sms in the "contact info" of a iphone text conversation. [/B and how?

    Very Long story short......

    after a year of emails, texts and calls I accused my partners ex girlfriend of stealing my identity and harrassment to the police.

    in front of the police she denied involvement and showed me texts she had sent and receieved from my partner about cheating on me.

    I looked at the messages, looked at the contact info.....yes, my partner's number comes up in blue as the sender. i checked this about 5 times and so did the policeman.

    BUT..some things she said didn't add up......and things she has done in the past still make me feel she is capable of doing terrible things. i don't trust her.

    My partner has completely denied it and is trying to get bills from his telCo to prove it to me......but i'm worried that our telCo wont give enough info....

    the police ended involvment as it was no longer a police matter.

    i want to prove my partner is faithful. i left my city, my family and friends to start a life with this man. i don't mean to sound like a sucker or a sook but this is ruining my life...

    please help!
    2010-05-16 02:38 AM