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    A few years back, a company called Helio had an app on thier phones called "Buddy Beacon". (I think you could get it for the iphone too, but not from the app store). You could 'flash' your location to anyone on your 'buddy' list, and they would see an update and could spot you on google maps (and get directions to you if they needed them). It even integrated with Facebook somehow.

    That app was force fed, meaning you had to actually send your location, it did not work with the GPS feature of the Helio phone (unsure if iphone even had a gps then). I think it got nicked for privacy reasons.

    I was wondering if anything like this exists today. And if it does, is it cross platform? 85% of my friends have Android phones of some sort, the rest have crackberries. Ideally, I could turn it on/off so it didn't broadcast 24/7. But if my riding friends and I had this, I could turn it on before I went for a Saturday ride, and my friends could see where I am "live", maybe a moving dot on a google map?

    Does such an app exist? From the appstore? Or Cydia?
    2010-05-07 09:01 PM