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    Hello everyone I am new here, my goal when I started this little mission of mine, is to have a phone with free internet, free gps, free texting, free calling, ect.

    So far in my mission, I have gotten the iphone 3gs/3.1.3/05.12.01/16GB.
    (I got it off ebay for only 350/free shipping/with usb/wall charger). (Mint). I think I got a pretty good deal.

    I jailbroke it with spiritjb.com

    I currently am using wefi.com to give me internet, although sometimes it doesn't always give me internet. But it's better then without.

    I am looking for several things to accomplish my goal, so far here is my idea.

    My idea: Is to get a better internet for one, I guess atfirst I would get an unlimited data plan after I get my iphone unlocked with whomever is the cheapest unlimited data plan out there. Or get an automatic wifi cracker/hacker program that will break into locked wifi like that wifi joker program was supposed to (it seems as though it was a joke and not a real app). Now I've heard of an aircrak or something like program. But is there anything better and easier to use with my iphone? (Please remember I am a caveman when it comes to this stuff). So speak in language a iphone newbie illiterate can understand.
    Also I want to use a one of these VOIP I keep hearing about. But one that is free/cheap, and works for me to call anyone in USA. And lets me call them even if they are not landlines, but also cells, or whatever. A program that can make it so that I can receive and make calls, and that runs in the background of my iphone, and one that lets me make calls to people who are not a member of it's service. One that also allows texting too. If there is not a VOIP that does texting, then is there a good texting program out there? And please remember that the key word here is SO EASY EVEN A CAVEMAN CAN DO IT.

    My questions are: 1 is there currently a way to unlock my type of phone yet?
    (If so how and where?)

    2 What is the cheapest unlimited data plan out there? (I'm looking for something at or under 20.00USD a month).

    3 Is there a nationwide wifi?
    4Or something also like wefi.com that can help guarentee that I get wifi everywhere?

    5 What's the best cracking or hacking apps out there for wifi?

    6 What is the best free and/or cheapest VOIP out there? Preferrably something out there that offers texting aswell. Best for working over slow wifi, and runs in the background so I can make and receive calls and texts.

    7 What is the best app that I can use to ensure that even when my Iiphone is on, and locked, and not in use can make sure my wifi programs described in questions 3/4/5/6 will continue running so that my phone goes off when I receive a call or text?

    Any help is much appreciated. I assume you guys are the best, so I came to you.
    2010-05-11 06:32 PM
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    skype is cheap but...lol damn ur cheap lmao
    2010-05-11 06:45 PM
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    I was thinking about using v phone. From what I understand they offer free incoming and outgoing calls, and free incoming and outgoing sms. And they give you a free number. Is that correct?

    I also want to use google voice, but where do I get it? Because I went to google.com/voice and I asked for an invite, but haven't received one yet.

    I need google voice, for what's described here at the youtube site here: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzkSN_Ly5ek]YouTube - How to Make Free Phone Calls and recive free SMS FREE LANDLINE ***Save $$$***[/ame]

    From what I understand i-call lets you make and receive free calls but does not do sms.

    And what's this all about needing a sip or voip network or something first? Are these free? Or do they charge a one time fee or even worse monthly charges? Can someone please explain all this to me, and answer?
    2010-05-11 10:30 PM