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    My iPhone crashed and I restored it to 3.1.3 then rejb'd with Spirit. Somehow, in the process, a large # of my apps are stored twice. SBSettings shows them in its Hide Icon list, DiskAid shows multiple app folders (each with a long hex name), and my apps take up about twice the usual space.

    I'm not sure how to delete the extra apps.

    First, I'm not sure which of the 2 hexadecimally named folders refers to the app that is linked to the springboard icon (I can't find any date/time info).

    Second, if I could figure out which folder had the unused app, I don't know if I can just delete the folder with DiskAid -- are there index files that need to be updated?

    The only way I see out of it is to restore to a blank phone (not a backup), rejailbreak, redownload everything (apps to music), resign up all of the accounts and passwords, and rearrange the springboard... a lot of work

    I don't know enough about the iphone file system to figure this out (or even how it happened). I posted this on another forum a few days ago without any bites -- perhaps this might be a better place. I'd appreciate any help!

    2010-05-30 12:37 AM