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  1. mjdaul's Avatar
    i was looking to find someone willing to make a simple snow application to go with my winter theme for my phone.

    i would like it to just have snowflakes fall from the top and disappear at the bottom of the screen. it should run over all applications just like the ants app does. this would probably be very similar to the xsnow application that can be found here:

    i was trying to do this myself but i am totally lost. is anyone willing to help me make this app or simply make it for me? any help would be greatly appreciated!
    2007-09-27 05:03 AM
  2. marcellonetto's Avatar
    I want something like that too...but i dont eve know where to start... I was considering using the "Ants" app as source...but I dont know what to do... i wanna make a Moving Background...
    2007-09-27 06:55 AM