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    Hi, I've only recently got into using backgrounder but am very keen to make the most informed choice when it comes to using an app switcher atop it.

    So far I have tried proswitcher, circuitous and am currently using kirikae.

    For some reason the only one which has yet to crash is kirikae, and i've had a much better experience at running many multiple apps at once (up to about 7 I think without a crash)

    As I'm only on a 3g I do not expect the world here, but I'd just like your opinions on which is the 'best' and why.

    I liked the look of proswitcher the most.

    I liked the features of circuitous the most, with the 'free memory' and ability to swipe from app to app.

    I like kirikae because it seems the most stable.

    Anything else I should know? Battery drain did not seem noticeably different between them all.

    Thanks in advance
    2010-06-03 02:54 PM