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    On the blackberry there is a game called number cruncher
    BlackBerry App World - Number Cruncher

    'Stringing together numbers has never been more fun! In what is a cross between Sudoku and Tetris, the object is to generate as many sequences of numbers as possible within the allotted time. A sequence consists of runs (like 2,3,4, or 4,3) and doubles or multiples of the same number (like 2,2 or 2,2,2.2), and can also wrap between 1 and 9 (like 2,1,9,1). As numbers are removed from the grid, new numbers fall into place. Increase your high score by creating a very large sequence that also contains as many bonus tiles as possible.'

    Just wondering if anything similar exists for iphone/touch
    2010-06-30 01:50 AM
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    I suggest searching the puzzles section of the app store.

    I mean search number puzzles and look there.
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    2010-06-30 03:33 AM